Website Review & Collaboration Tool for
Highly Productive Digital Teams

Leave feedback, assign, prioritize and track web bugs and design changes on any live website or digital asset.
Save some time for actual work.

Project Manager

Forget missed feedback, mixed revisions, confusing comments, and lost tasks!

Review web design, report bugs, and leave feedback on any website easily without all the back-and-forth.
  • Oh, you've replied back in email? Maybe it got into spam?!
  • Which one of the images was she referring to?
  • What exactly did you mean by "that square"?
  • Where did you send me that screenshot again?

Gain control and provide your teams with clarity

A perfect web annotation tool for web designers, developers, QA teams, and digital agencies looking to streamline revisions for website projects.

  • Get everyone on the same page

    Assign tasks, comment, and collaborate with your team and clients on live and dev sites. Works with any URL.

    Visually highlight issues for your team and pin any web element, piece of copy, or bug to work on.

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  • Keep your project under control

    Assign tasks to different team members. Set deadlines, oversee task status, and track your team productivity along with the overall project progress.

    Get a clear picture of who is doing what, at any given moment, and make sure you got your message across.

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  • Work on multiple projects and webpages

    Create and collaborate on multiple projects. Every project is a different website, with all its pages under one tab.

  • Access tasks on any device

    Screen resolution is customizable (desktop, tablets, mobile), or responsive, adjusting to different devices.

    For every task, you can see the type of device, screen resolution, and browser version.

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  • Add clarity with video

    Record a quick screencast video and attach it to your task or comment. Make sure your team sees exactly what you see, and leave no place for confusion.

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  • Collaborate more efficiently

    Integrate with your favorite productivity software and planners, and send all feedback from one centralized place.

    Receive status notifications about your team's actions through multiple preferred channels, such as email, messengers, etc.

Learn Why 3000+ Web Professionals & Agencies Choose Webvizio

A huge time saver!
To date, Webvizio has been one of the best purchases I've made. I added it to my workflow right off the bat and it's already saved me and my clients a bunch of time with streamlining the process of gathering and managing change requests and bug reports.
Easy to use and good value!
I just bought Webvizio, and it is fantastic. Our team started using the tool straight away! Thank you guys!
Life Saver, I love this!
Anyone who is into web design should consider this product. This has saved me so much time, emails and meetings. It has helped me cut down revision time and better communicate with my customers. The UI and UX are clean, simple and fast. I love how much easier my work has been, so much less stressful!
Streamline your internal team work
If you own a web dev company, this needs to be purchased. Period. You may not use it for all of your customers, but it is wonderful for some. And for your own internal team work.
Intuitive collaboration and bug tracking platform
I was looking for a simple and reliable visual collaboration and bug tracking platform for ages. Easy to use, and they have a detailed guide on how to set it up. And it is actually free!
A game changer for website dev collaboration!
This tool is incredible! Being a young web creative and content agency, Webvizio totally changed the way we work as a team, especially with our customers, who can now give us live feedback on bugs and modifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Webvizio is an all-in-one collaboration software that helps web design and development teams streamline their work process and improve the overall user experience of websites and web apps. It’s an online tool that allows for remote collaboration, website design reviews, and efficient testing and QA.

Webvizio sets itself apart from other collaboration tools by offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for web design and development teams. It includes features for streamlining the design process, managing web content, improving UI/UX, efficient testing and QA, and maximizing a digital marketing agency’s potential.

Yes, Webvizio is designed to be a virtual collaboration tool, making it ideal for remote teams. You can collaborate with team members in real-time, share files, and provide feedback and approvals all in one platform.

Yes, Webvizio includes a website design review tool that makes it easy for teams to review and approve designs. The tool allows for real-time collaboration, provides visual annotations, and has a simple and intuitive interface.

Yes, Webvizio has a range of UI/UX solutions to help improve the user experience of websites. It includes tools for analyzing user behavior, making data-driven design decisions, and testing designs to ensure optimal user experience.

Yes, Webvizio offers flexible pricing options to fit the needs of any size business, including small digital marketing agencies and freelancers. You can choose a plan that fits your team size and budget, or sign up with a Free Forever plan.

No! Webvizio is a free tool that lets you collaborate on projects and collect feedback from clients and team members in real-time. The Free Forever plan lets you provide unlimited feedback on websites, apps, and files, and even run multiple accounts for different teams. With that, you can upgrade to a paid Pro plan anytime, and enjoy much more advanced features, such as unlimited projects, extended or unlimited storage, more or unlimited users, integrations with other productivity tools, priority support, and much more.

Webvizio collaboration software currently offers a choice of 2 paid plans to choose from: Pro and Pro Agency. As the names suggest, the latter was created with larger teams and more parallel projects in mind. The main difference between the two plans is the number of users and guests that can access your account and leave comments or create tasks, storage, and file size limitations. However, there are many more differences that you can see in a detailed breakdown comparison on the Pricing page.

Webvizio provides 24/7 support through their website, email, and live chat. They also offer a comprehensive knowledge base and a community forum for additional support.