About Us

Webvizio is a free website feedback & collaboration tool & website review software designed for managers & teams to easily collaborate on website revisions in real-time. Utilize a single platform for clients, managers, and dev teams to leave visual feedback & effectively collaborate on web development projects.

How We Created Webvizio & Why You Need It Tool?

Coming from web development, marketing, design & content, the Webvizio founders and team members always struggled with finding a way to organize and streamline the project communication without having to use a bunch of different tools.?

Managing dev teams & working with remote designers and freelancers for years, we all clearly saw that there’s a better way to provide and receive clear, transparent feedback for digital work.

Thanks to the pandemic, the rest of the world also felt the need for such tool, so we though that was the right moment for us to go and build the platform of our dreams, that everyone can benefit from! ?

Webvizio in a nutshell is a website feedback tool, website review software, and bug reporting tool that allows managers and teams to collaborate on R&D, Design, UX & Content tasks in real-time.

You can assign tasks, and comment on live web sites mirrors, leave visual feedback for your team, and pin any web element, piece of copy, or bug to work on, both on desktop and mobile.

You can finally cut off the extra noise, gain control and see clearly what’s going on: with live notifications about your team’s actions through email, messengers, or other popular productivity tools and planners that you can integrate

Mighty Team with Big Ambitions ?

A talented group of like-minded web creators, team managers & marketing professionals, all familiar with the issues from the first hand and united in the pursuit to disrupt it.

We are web developers, marketing experts, copywriters, designers and project managers, just like our customers, so we know exactly what we need to do and how to do it.

We are a young, dynamic, and eclectic team – spread across 5 cities on 2 continents, sharing different professional backgrounds and talking 6 different languages between all of us, all melted & forged together in our homebase city of steel – Pittsburgh, PA

Business Development
Design and UX

Future Plans ?

Our vision is to be the best single platform for web builders and team managers to leave visual feedback, effectively collaborate on web development projects, get a clear picture of who is doing what, and get your message across!

We are constantly improving the platform and working on a whole lot of new capabilities in terms of task management, team productivity, integrations, and much more!

We are dedicated and driven to bring more value to everyday lives and work for our fellow web creator teams, and build the most powerful and simple tool that will solve all the communication, oversight and project management frictions for our customers and ourselves.

Webvizio Public Roadmap
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