Customize Your Webvizio Account

2 min
Nov 22, 2022

All Pro plan account owners can now personalize the dashboard and customize the look and feel of the Webvizio interface to better represent your brand or project style. 


You can customize all Webvizio pages except for the login/registration form.

Setting up your Account Name

In order to change your account name, go to Account Settings on the main dashboard and fill in your account name, otherwise it will just show your email address by default.

Setting up custom branding in Webvizio

To set up custom branding, you need to go to the tab

Custom branding in your account settings, or via this link. The following items are currently available for customization:

  • Logo
  • Favicon
  • Primary color
  • Secondary color
  • Accent color
  • Email Greetings
  • Email Footer

You can also revoke all changes and return to the default settings by clicking on the “Reset all changes” button link in the Customer branding tab.

When uploading a new logo, the logo will be changed on the main Webvizio dashboard, on the registration form when sharing the project, and on all email notifications, users receive from your account.

Change logo - Webvizio Custom Branding


Favicon — website icon that is displayed by the browser in the tab before the page name, and as an image next to the bookmark.

Favicon- Webvizio Custom Branding

Primary color

The main color is responsible for the main elements of the interface, as well as the active states of almost all primary interface elements and buttons.

The primary color is also used for styling email elements like headers and buttons.

Primary Color - Webvizio Custom Branding

Secondary color

Secondary color — used together with Primary color if a default element is in a hover (active) state. As an example, the buttons are filled with the primary color, but when they are in a hover state it changes to the secondary color: 

Secondary Color - Webvizio Custom Branding

Accent color

The accent color highlights certain elements in the interface, such as underlining when you’re mentioning a user in a task or comment. This color is not used often, and you can use a color similar to the Primary color for it.

Accent Color - Webvizio Custom Branding


In addition to your Webvizio dashboard, you can also customize the automatic project email notifications sent from Webvizio to all the account users.

Email Greetings — inserted at the end of the email body after the main notification
Email Footer — email footer text after the mail greeting

Webvizio Custom Branding - Customize Email Notifications